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The Final Word


For more than 50 years, the First Federal Congress Project has set out to document a little-known nor long-remembered period of American history, when a group of mostly forgotten Founding Fathers gathered to take the framework of a new Constitution and build a government. The work of the founders and these researchers is more relevant now than ever.

Read the full story at GW Magazine.

In the Name of Luv


Two years ago, Carolyn Mattingly was murdered in her Potomac home. Soon after, her husband, Richard, quit his job as a nonprofit executive and dedicated his life to making something good come out of the tragedy.

Read the full story in Bethesda Magazine.

Lyme Wars


Dr. Daniel Jaller is part of a cadre of renegade doctors who believe Lyme disease is a chronic ailment that they can treat. His approach is so controversial that he was put on probation, but some of his patients say he’s given them a quality of life they could never find elsewhere.

Read the full story in Bethesda Magazine.

Mad About Modern


When you think about the architecture of the capital region, stately colonials come to mind, but midcentury modern, more famous in Palm Springs, abounds here, too—if you know where to look.

Read the full story in Bethesda Magazine.

The Music Man


In February 2015, listeners to NPR’s Jazz Night in America got a taste of something Washington, DC, jazz lovers have enjoyed for years: the innovative sound of trombonist Reginald Cyntje. What unfolded was magic.

Read the full story in Insights magazine.

Brave New World at IJ


Michelle Jaconi left behind 18 years in broadcast journalism—12 with NBC’s Meet the Press and six with CNN—to become executive editor of the Independent Journal Review, a brash social-first media upstart based in Alexandria, Virginia, with an out-of-the-mainstream, right-of-center approach. read more…

The Sedan Also Rises


On the streets of Havana, a 1955 Chrysler New Yorker carried Ernest Hemingway to the long bar at the Floridita for daiquiris mixed strong and sour. It took him to the hilltop farmhouse where he lived most of the last twenty-two years of his life. Then it disappeared. read more…

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