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Tracking Terror in the U.S.

GW MAGAZINE A new think tank finds the “democratization of terrorist recruitment” on social media is helping to create an increasingly diverse picture of Islamic-inspired extremism. ∞ On a Wednesday morning in December, Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife... read more

What Happened to my Child?

BETHESDA MAGAZINE Some parents say a debilitating psychological disorder associated with strep infections caused their children to change overnight—and turned their families’ lives upside down. ∞ Jake Wiederhorn bounds onto the porch of his family’s... read more

Brave New World at IJ

BETHESDA MAGAZINE IJ head Michelle Jaconi has left traditional journalism behind ∞ In May, Bethesda resident Michelle Jaconi left behind 18 years in broadcast journalism—12 with NBC’s Meet the Press and six with CNN—to become executive editor of the Independent... read more

The Sedan Also Rises

NARRATIVELY History sometimes travels on wheels. A silver Porsche steered James Dean into legend. A pink Cadillac escorted Elvis to Graceland. On the streets of Havana, a 1955 Chrysler New Yorker carried Ernest Hemingway to the long bar at the Floridita, which he... read more

Is Any Town Truly Safe From Gun Violence?

THE LIBERTY PROJECT Tim Hewlett was nearly dead when his brother Christopher arrived. Hewlett was a cop, and he had been shot in the head with his own gun as he slept. By the time Christopher came to his side, his massive frame was quickly losing life. The house... read more

Bullet Holes in the City of Light

PASTE MAGAZINE What is it about those bullet holes that beckon the boys to touch them? It’s our twin teens’ first trip to Paris. Thirteen-year-olds with attention spans shrunk by YouTube and Xbox, Luis and Andres lack patience for strolling the Louvre and have little... read more

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