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Nobody’s Dying Today


If she hadn’t driven her friend home that night, Katelyn Losquadro sometimes thinks, or sat in her car for 10 minutes thumbing through her cellphone, everything might have been different. Matt Gault might be dead, and she probably would still be trying to string together enough money to get through nursing school.

Two lives changed that night, Losquadro tells herself.

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Lessons on the Truth


Years before presidential tweet storms or Macedonian internet rumor mongers, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Alan Miller saw a need to help kids navigate the tsunami of information on their computer screens. His News Literacy Project helps young people across the country and around the world distinguish truth from fiction. “We were the antidote to fake news long before anybody coined that term,” he says. read more…

Taking the Wheel


R.M.F. 6 – 22 – 46

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Out of Hand


A wave of deadly diseases is wiping out wildlife in the U.S. and around the world. These fungal diseases have decimated bats, frogs, salamanders and snakes, hitting some endangered and threatened species particularly hard. So far, there’s little to suspect the worst is over.

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The Outlier


Defying polls and pundits, American University professor Allan Lichtman called the election for Trump. This was one time he wished he was wrong. This was no gut feeling. His prediction is based on a system he calls the Keys to the White House. And it’s (almost) never been wrong.

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Mending Broken Hearts


Every year, more than 35,000 babies in the United States are born with congenital heart defects. For Keely O’Brien, surgery at just 10 weeks old saved her life. A generation ago, her condition might have been fatal, but medical advances have doctors performing life-saving surgeries earlier and earlier in their patients lives.

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The current pulled us onward. The top of the mast stayed in place. The boat kept drifting, further and further under the bridge. We were like a problem in my school math book: a point, a straight line, a plane, and an arc drawn by the mast as it toppled behind us.

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The Final Word


For more than 50 years, the First Federal Congress Project has set out to document a little-known nor long-remembered period of American history, when a group of mostly forgotten Founding Fathers gathered to take the framework of a new Constitution and build a government. The work of the founders and these researchers is more relevant now than ever.

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